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How do Panamanians feel about foreigners moving there?
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Panamanians don’t bat an eye at expats living here, primarily due to the fact that U.S. citizens and other foreigners have had such a strong presence in this country since 1903 (when the U.S. took over administration of the Panama Canal).
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In fact, there is a large population here of “Zonians” (Panamanian citizens born in the Canal Zone to parents of both U.S. and Panamanian heritage), and they are accustomed to an U.S.-style way of life, but at the same time they are uniquely Panamanian. They appreciate and respect both heritages and that attitude seems to carry over to the general population as a whole.

In short, Panamanians are neither impressed nor put-off by foreigners. They treat us just like anyone else, in all parts of the country.


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