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Hello Delvi,
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I am interested in a less-than-container account and want more information about that. Are there any fees other than the $2.30/cu' stated in your website? Are there any limits on how many parcels you will receive for any one shipment? If I only wanted a shipment once a month, would there be storage fees for items waiting to be shipped? i am in Panama, wanting to receive goods from the u.s.
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Dear Mrs. Jane:
About your request we inform the following:
If you want to ship less-than-container once per month, you do not have to pay storage fees.  If your merchandise fits all a container or more, you would have to pay storage fee.
Also, we offer a big box where you can storage all the individual items or goods you need in each month and the cost is $30.50
The other charges to be considered for shipments are: 
Customs:  $2.00 for each item that is different in your shipment.
The other charges may vary depending of the kind of goods you want to ship:
Taxes, Customs Broker, Insurances (2), management, import permits (this refers to the kind of material you are shipping, for example, wood or leather or others).
If you want an accurate quotation, please let us know us the list of items with dimensions and weights and we will be glad to provide that information.
For any other consults, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Regards,
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