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1a. Exporter's (Name/Address/Zipcode)                    
  Zip Code            
b. Exporter's IRS No.     c. Parties to Transaction              
  Related Non-Related Delvi Inc.
3. Ultimate Consignee         SHIPPER'S LETTER OF INSTRUCTIONS
SHIPPERS DECLARED VALUE In the absence of value in the space provided hereon, the liability of the Carrier is limited to US $23.00 per kilogram of that part of the consignment lost,damaged, or delayed. The Carrier will maintain cargo liability ploicy with an insurance company to cover such liability. Shipments with a declared value for carriage in excess of $10,000 will be acceptable for carriage only upon advance arrangements with Carrier.
4. Intermediate Consignee (if any)        
Shippers request insurance
Declared value for carriage
5. Forwarding Agent         6. Point (state) or Origin/ or Fritz No.   r FTZ No 7. Country of Ultimate Destination    
Delvi Inc 7925 NW 66 ST    
Miami, Florida "]">SHIPPER MUST CHECK >          
8. Loading Pier ( vessel only )     9. Mode of Transportation   SHIPPER MUST INITIAL ONE OF THE ITEMS BELOW  
10. Exporting Carrier     11. Port of Export  
Delvi Inc. MIAMI, FL
Cargo items tendered or directed to be tendered by your firm for air transportation are subject to Aviation Security controls by air carriers and when appropiate, other Government Regulations. Copies of all relevent shipping documents showing the cargo consignee, consignor, description, and other relevent data will be retained on file until cargo completes its air transportation.
12. Port of Unloading     13. Containerized (vessel only)  
  Yes / No  
14. Schedlue B/ Description of Commodities       Use Columns  
20b.Value US Dollars
15. Marks. No.'s and kind of packages       (17 - 19)  
16. D/F 17. Schedule B Number   Check Digit 18. Qty. / Units 19.Wgt/Kilos
This shipment will move based on the mode of transport indicated under the terms and conditions of Agility Logistics Corp. tariffs unless the shipper specifies another routing in Special Instructions" below. In such cases Agility Logistics Corp. will act as agent for the shipper and the specified carrier's terms and conditions shall apply.
21. Validate License No. / License Exception Symbol       22. ECCN (when required)    
NLR (unless otherwise specified) EAR99 (unless otherwise specified)  
23. Duly authorized officer or employee    
The exporter authorizes the forwarder named above to act as forwarding agent for export control and customs purposes.
Shipper's Instructions (In case of inability to Deliver)        
  Please check one        
Document must have Original Signature to be valid.                    
" Special Instructions " (if any)                    
    Return to Shipper      
    Deliver to      
NOTE : The shipper or his Authorized Agent hereby authorizes the above named Company in his name and on his behalf, to prepare any export documents , to sign and accept any documents relating to said shipment and forward this shipment in accordance with the conditions of carriage and the tariff of the carriers employed. The shipper guarantees payment of all collect charges in the event the consignee refuses payment. Also, shipper will be held responsible for any and all charges including but not llimited to fees incurred due to loading detention and container demurrage unless otherwise specified. Hereunder the sole responsibility of the Company is to use reasonable care in the selection of carriers, forwarders, agents, and to whom it may entrust the shipment.
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